Flathead catfish spawning?

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    I was wondering when and how do flatties spawn. do they go up river, find a flat or what? What seems to be the water temp when they come out of their winter funk? What is the best time of the year or best water temp? We are still catching them here in AZ, but I am sure it will slow down soon. SO what should I be getting ready for in the late winter early spring? Are they easier or harder to catch during spawn? Just some questions from a novice flat hunter, wanting to become a seasoned educated hunter!!! All help is appreciated!!:wink:
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    here in georgia the flats stop bitting when the water temp drops below 50. then when the water temp climbs back up in the low 50s they start feeding again. iwill catch just as many flats on cut shad or carp as i will on live bait, but all my 30s and up come on live bait. the spawn here starts when the water temp hits 72 degrees. when that happens you can forget it. icant catch aflat to save my life. i still catch some good size blues. idont start fishing for flats again till july. all waters are different so you will have to keep fishing till you learn their patterns. take notes on your fishing trips it helps. write down dates times water temp barometric pressure moon phases and youll learn when and when not to fish. good luck.

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    here in sc the flatties spawn in the late spring, but they do not seem to move from there normal hiding spots. i read an article one time that traked flathead movement for a whole year and in one days time a flathead will not move more than 500 yards from its hiding spot and in the winter it will not go more than 800 yards to its wintering hole where it will stay until the water temp gets above 55degrees. This is my first year fishing for cats in the winter and it seems that I am catching more bigger fish the closer it gets to the water temp getting to that colder temp. seems that they are feeding hard for the winter. I hope that helps some.
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    Hit the nail on the head. It is very hard for me to catch them during the spawn but it is possible!
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    On lake Hartwell I do pretty good fishing rip rap for them when they are spawning. Like someone else said keep a log book with all your fishing info in it. I started doing that last May, so I hope this May it may help. I caught them with cut herring and live bream. A few of them had raw places on the tails, I guess from the rocks? It seemed like they started the spawn around here in mid May and spawned until July.
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    Best water temps to catch numbers of flatheads in rivers is between 55 and 70 degrees. Spring and fall. In the spring they are coming out and are hungry, you can start catching them over 50 degrees. Some guys swear by cut bait, my biggest fish come on live shad or crappie.Try both. The bigger the better, If you think its too big to use for bait, toss it in front of a log jam and wait. A twenty pound flat can eat anything you can cast out. In the fall downsize your baits a little, The fish are already fat from the summer, but start putting on the feed bag when the water gets back in the 60's. They start spawning around 72 degrees. Look for any logs or undercut banks, large boulders. Anyplace a flathead can use to protect eggs and fry. It doesn't have to be a massive log jam, even a lone tree lying next to the bank. Fish shallow 1 to 4 ft of water. Its just gonna take time on the water, and fishing different spots. Don't go to the same spot every time you won't learn anything new.