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  1. shortbus

    shortbus New Member

    I see alot of posts asking,,, what type of line, hooks, reels, rods do you use.
    Flathead fishing takes some serious takle and is somewhat different from all the other gear used for channels.
    So I thought maybe we could have a post saying what kind of gear each person uses.

    Rods, I use 10 ft heavy action with a soft tip.
    Reels, I use Penn 309 and GTI series
    Line, 30 pound berkely big game or Power pro
    Hooks, 8/0-10/0 eagle claw KING KAHLE nothing else
    Knots, Polamar or Snell
    Sinkers, 3oz - 5oz bank sinkers

    Hopefully this will help newcomers wanting to know what kind of takle they will need to land a nice flatty.
  2. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I have never caught a Flathead, but this what I use for catfishing.

    Abu 6000 spool with 20lb big game

    Abu 6500C3 spool with 20lb big game

    Abu Cardinal C106 Spinning Reel spool with 20lb big game

    Hooks are going to be from Gamakatsu was using Eagle Claw

    Rods are Daiwa, Zebco Rihno, Berkley Big Game all are MH 6,6'' to 8' feet in length.

    I use a three way swivel rig.

    1/2-3/4 oz bank sinkers.

  3. crclhuk1

    crclhuk1 Member

    Central, SC
    Abu Garcia 6500 n 7000 spooled with Berk. Big Game 30lb

    8/0 to 10/0 Gamakatsu Octopus n Octopus circle hooks only

    7 1/2 ft med.hvy to hvy Quantum Big cat series rods

    Live or cut bait

    sinkers vary on what location I'm fishin(river or lake)

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  4. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    Those are some nice Flatheads.
  5. My question is, fixed or sliding sinker for the river? I have used both. Sliding sinkers are hard to cast far and fixed sinkers seem to helicopter alot. And does any one use a sinker with a float on the leader? I have seen success with that. I have been using 30# Power Pro but am thinking to upgrade to 50#. I have used smaller hooks before I became a member on here, but I have worked my way up to 6/0, and even that seems too small compared to some of your guys setups. And I have bad luck with circle hooks, they always seem to come out of the Flatties mouth, I gues I should try a bigger size to get a bite on that jaw.
  6. xnmcclurex

    xnmcclurex Active Member

    Pittsburgh Pa
    catmaxx reel spooled with 20lb big game
    -Field and stream 6'6" medium heavy casting musky rod
    6600 abu bxc spooled with 14lb cajun advantage
    -7' ugly stick
    1.5ounce no rolls
    6/0 gamma octpus's
    live gills,perch,crappie,bass etc


    7000 ABUs .7 ft Ugly Stik saltwater boat rods-rated 40-60# line.Braid-Tuf-line or Power Pro 80-100#.Short mono leader-4 or 5 inches of 50# Big Game.3 to 8 oz No roll or crescent trolling sinkers rigged to slide.Mustad 92671,s in size 7/0 thru 10/0 or Mustad Big Gun hooks in 8/0 for smaller gills.Bait - 4 inch and up gills,chubs ,suckers,whatever I can get my hands on-up to 15 inches. No such thing as overkill in flatting! :wink:
  8. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    Rods: 7' m/h Ugly cat rods and 7' m/h Granger Ocean2, 505 series.

    Reels: Abu Garcia 6500 C3's

    Line: Red Cajun #30 and 65# Power Pro

    Hooks: All Eagle Claw laser sharp Circles, I've never bought a hook bigger than a 6/0 in my life.

    Knots: Always use pre-tied rigs. 100% snells on the hook and a JimmyJonny clinch type knot on the swivels.

    Swivels. Only a crane type...never a barrel swivel.

    Weights: Only home made 2oz egg sinkers.

    Rigs: Only a Carolina rig with heavy mono leaders 40# and bigger.

  9. MrFlathead

    MrFlathead New Member

    7" Shimano telora trolling rod paired with a Shimano tekota 600 reel and 300 yards of 30# Cajun Red (advantage) on it.

    8"9' Lamiglass EXC 89 MT rod with an Avet MXL reel with 300 yards of red power pro spectra 40#

    I use 2-4oz bank and egg sinkers with a 2 way swivel rigged to 3 way LOL. I use 7-10 Khale and gama octopus hooks.
  10. catfishguy

    catfishguy New Member

    West Virginia
    Reels - Abu 7000c3s
    Rods - Team Catfish 7 1/2 and 8 feet
    Line - Power Pro 80 lb test
    Hooks - Team Catfish 6/0 and 8/0 J hooks and Circle hooks
    Swivels - 1/0
    Knots - Palomar
    Sinkers - 1-6 ounce bank sinkers or clip on no rolls
    Sinker Clips - Team Catfish
  11. puddle jumper

    puddle jumper Well-Known Member

    I will play,,
    Rod and Reel below are only my fav. set up, also use 7' ugly stick "MH" with a 6500c3

    ***Reels - Shamano Tekota 500, Work of art, Very smooth Great Reels
    ***Rods - 7' American Tackle "live bait" Blank, Heavy power, Med action, Custom Rod built by Me
    ***Line - Berkly Big Game 30# Solar hi-vis Green "so you can keep up with it if it starts to move
    ***Hooks - 8/0 Gama Circle hooks, live and cut bait
    ***Rigs - Free Sliding Three way, alows the bait to move free for about a foot before the fish feels the rig, 50lb BBG clear leader, with 15lb BBG weight line so the weight can break free if it gets hung so you get the rest of rig back
    ***Knots - Palomar or Improved Clinch
    ***Sinkers 3-6 ounce still working on the type "no roll , no snag" have not found one I like better"
  12. Netmanjack

    Netmanjack New Member

    Both have their place. If the bottoms clear of rubble I use the slider if not I use a three way so the bait cant hide. You should also try a float. Any size hook will catch a cat. Hook size is more important to size of bait used there must be plenty of point showing and it must be hooked so the bait will come away after the bite. If you are having trouble casting remember that three way rigs arnt ment for throwing a mile out and if you are having trouble casting a sliding sinker maybe your leader is to long. :wink:
  13. Flamekeeper

    Flamekeeper New Member

    Louisville, Ken
    I use the same RCN 60 or CV-Z/X rigs for channels.(when needed)

    Reels that leave with me on each trip are ;

    ABU RCN 60 Record HC.

    ABU 7000iCS Pro Rocket.

    Daiwa CV-X 300 A

    Daiwa CV-Z 300 A

    Rods; - Custom Built by myself.

    GUSA B85 MEGA MAGS, 8'6" - 20-40# - 1-5oz/ mega Hvy Power/ Fast Action.

    Then I have (1) 7' - Fenwick Sea Hawk Offshore tuna stick. Just got (1) 7' Tiger ugly stick, tuna rod. give to me like new:big_smile:. I won't use them long..I'll be building myself a set of the 30/60# Hvy/Fast SW jig/boat Blanks for the Flatheads at the end of this yr..:cool2:

    30# PLine Flouroclear or CXX:wink:

    90# swivels:wink:

    # 2 - #9 Gamakatsu Octopus:big_smile:

    3-6" bluegills:smile2:
  14. slikk03

    slikk03 New Member

    i swear by the three way rig and im realy ready to throw them no 1 gammas out the window only king kaels from now on , i knew it would happen agen, i got him up to the bank then the hook came out, kings hook alot deeper and bury in, but dont injure the fish,, i dont see how all you guys like gammas over king kaels, im using three inch gills, yea i get a hookup, but they dont stay on like kaels, even bluecats im thinking king kaels
  15. lendog

    lendog New Member

    berks, PA
    i don't have a problem with them after the rod gets loaded up the hook is set and stays in, after i feel the fish run for a few seconds i do give a good yank to get a deep hook set and don't have any problems, sometimes it takes a little practice with the circles
  16. hereflattieflattie

    hereflattieflattie New Member

    I have a few different rigs but my favorite is:
    Shakespeare Tidewater spinning reel with clicker
    11 foot Berkley power stick Medium heavy rod
    30lb Trilene big game
    Gamakatsu 8/0 circle octopus hooks for sunfish or shad or 12/0 Eagle Claw circle C's if Im using 10-12"carp for bait.

    My Little Flathead rod is a 6'6 Ugly stick Medium heavy with an Abu Garcia 6500C with 30lb Big game. I caught the 62 on my avatar and quite a few from 30 to 50 with no problems on this setup. The rod doesn't flinch although I have had it bent from the handle on several occasions.It hasn't broke yet.(knock on wood)
  17. hock_paul

    hock_paul New Member

    Rods: Shakespeare Ugly stick catfish rods 7' MH
    Team catfish 7' 1/2 ton rods
    Reel: Abu garcia 7000c3

    Line: Berkley big game 30-50lb. test monofilament.

    Terminal tackle: 6/0-10/0 Gamma. oct. 9/0 eagle claw king kahle.
    90 lb. barrel swivels
    Thill 4'' center slider cigar floats
    2-5oz. no-roll sinkers that I make myself
    Knots: palomar and snell.
    Bait: green sunfish 3-6''
    Other: Budweiser beer(no less than 12)
    1lb. bag of salted, roasted peanuts-in the shell please!
  18. hock_paul

    hock_paul New Member

    Are you talking about circles or regular octopus hooks? I've never had a problem with the regular octopus hooks.
  19. mcseal2

    mcseal2 Active Member

    Abu 7000C4 lever drag

    40-50lb Berkley Big Game Solar

    7'6" Berkley E-cat for heavy cover
    8' Berkley Glow stick for more open water

    4-8oz no-roll, saltwater swivel, 8/0 King Kahle

    A bucket with a swivel lid full of ice cold Busch Light.
  20. whiskerkat

    whiskerkat New Member

    well i use

    eagleclaw 7.7ft rods,,medium/heavy.
    each rod has a penn 220 reel
    two of my reels have 40lb cajun red line
    one with 25lb cajun red line
    2ft 60lb leaders/w 3ounce no roll using circle hooks
    i use live bluegill and large goldfish