flathead catfish question

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  1. mrmarkedwards

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    whats the closest dam to wilmington,de ta catch flatheads?
  2. AwShucks

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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    Maybe your yankee flatheads are different than the southern variety I am familiar with. Most flatheads do not like a powerful current as you get in the tail waters of a dam. In my thoughts, they perfer a sluggish current in a river or creek which has structure they can hide behind to catch their next dinner. It seems like the creeks that are stained has better flatheads than a clear creek/river. But for a flathead to prefer a dam location goes against all I know of them... they may have been swimming upriver and got as far as the dam, and when they can't swim over the dam, they hang around to see what lunch would be like in that location. Of course, each cotton pickin fish is different and will usually make a liar out of the most honest of men. LOL

    I think I would give a holler to your state department of wildlife and ask them the question... they would be happy to answer your questions... they are there for more than issuing tickets.

  3. Gone fishin 4 kittys

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    Pittsburgh, PA
    There none on that side of the state. I think that they catch them in Philly though!
  4. ibohunter

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    southeast, pa
    try below the conowingo
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    Philadelphia, P
    The closest dam to Delaware is either Blackrock in Phoenixville or Faimount in Philly. There are flatheads below Conowingo Dam, but unfortunately, you can't fish there at night.


    These yankee flatheads love the base of dams. Dams is where I catch 75% of my fish. It gets snaggy, but I'll trade 5 weights for 1 flathead. I have caught flatheads at all the dams except the one in Philly (Fairmount).