Flathead catfish question

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    A few weeks ago I set a trotline across a creek channel. (depth 24 ft.) No flatheads for the first two weeks then a 42 and 35 lb fish within a week. Moving up the creek I set 3 more 8 - 10 hook lines and caught a dozen fish in a two week period from 25 - 55 lbs.(depth 6-16ft) Just as quickly as they started the bigger fish stopped biting and now all the fish caught are 8 -12 lbs. Question, have the fish moved even shallower or have they left to find their spawning areas now? This is the first year that I have attempted to catch flatheads out of a lake and have done much better than I did some 15 years ago in the rivers before I began to jug fish for bluecat. During this time span I also caught two blues that went 37 and 48 lbs. I would appreciate any suggestions as to where to find the bigger flatheads during the month of May.
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    The bigger flatheads will spawn first after water temp reaches around the 70 degree mark. My guess is that they have moved into shallower water feeding on crappie and bluegills, then start to spawn themselves in the shallows.

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    i've Had Alot Of Luck For Flats In May Just By Fishing In Around 10ft. Or Less Water Levels. Particularly In Early Morning(3-5am.) It Really Heats Up!!! I Hope This Helps A Little Bit. Lol!