Flathead catfish Pre-Spawn in Arizona

Discussion in 'LOCAL ARIZONA TALK' started by tdpasser, Mar 1, 2006.

  1. tdpasser

    tdpasser New Member

    Gilbert AZ
    Okay is getting closer to the pre-spawn in the Upper Salt and Verde.

    When do you think the rivers will start to heat up?
    It's been warm this winter any thought of maybe earlier than normal?
    Has anybody fished near the mouth of the Upper Salt latley to see the river/lake level?
  2. Tym2Fish

    Tym2Fish New Member

    Scottsdale Arizona
    This little cold front that just went through will probably hold things up for a few days. My educated guess would be two to three weeks if the weather holds. Last weekend the fish were sitting deep even the gills.

  3. martinman

    martinman Member

    Clinton, Iowa
    From what I have always understood, most catfish don't spawn until the water temps reach the 70-75 degree range. However, does this change spawning habits in the hotter areas of Arizona.

    I am looking into fishing Roosevelt during prespawn but I don't know if the temps have come up enough. If anyone knows what the current temps and activity is for Roosevelt I would sure apprectiate it.

    My goal this year is to catch a nice fat flattie this year. I sure hope it happens

  4. tfish442003

    tfish442003 New Member

    south carolina
    hey ryan you will get one this year.we both know they are there.any way i cauaght about a five pounder last week but thats all.ill probably try again saturday let you know how i do.