flathead catfish on the big Ohio river

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  1. loganfrum94

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    whats the best rigs(line,sinkers,hooks,bait) to catch ohio river flatheads i have a 10 foot ol'whiskers rod and 2 9foot2 rods and some 7-8 footers i just need to know watkind of tackle and bait to use and what to look for like structure and ill be fishing from the bank no boat :(
  2. tunacat

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    BGcat and I both use:
    7' - 7'6" E-glass one piece poles heavey action
    80# Power pro braided line
    4 to 5 ounce no-roll sinkers
    Abu Gracia 7000 bait casters
    Carolina rig on the bottom
    8/0 - 10/0 Gamagutus Octopus hooks
    80 - 100 lb test Berkley McMahon swivels
    and the most import thing is a nice livey piece of bait yellow belly, blue gill, carp, goldfish etc.

    good luck brother, hope ya catch the BIG one.