Flathead Catfish on ohio river

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    6/3 Justin and I took my son and his friend to rising sun to go flat head fishing. We caught about 2 dozen flat heads most where in the 10-14# range. a few smaller ones where caught on small live shad the medium fish where caught on hand size live shad and the 2 20# fish where caught on 10-12" live shad. The bite was not bad, considering that my family and justins family went camping monday night. Wound up spending the night in the storm shelter in the camp ground. Had 1 tent destroyed and also had a pop up destroyed. Girls left to go home around noon and the boys went fishing. We had heard there was going to be another bad storm tue. We decided to stay until it approached. Never happened had a good day minus a few drizzles and cool. Justin should have pictures up soon.
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    Thats quiet an adventure. Waiting on the pics.

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    Here a few pics the boys had alot of fun............