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Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by fisherman94580, Feb 15, 2007.

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    This year is my first year where I'm targeting flatheads, I've never targeted anything bigger than 10 lbs. I've read and soaked up alot of information on flathead fishing, and I think I know almost everything I need to know about it. I'll be fishing the Ohio River mainly, and the spot where I fish, It's just a straight river for miles, no curves, bends, or anthing. Do you think fishing in this kind of water will hold the same type of fishing? Or do you think that I should look for some bends in the river, or run off creeks? Any help would be very appreciated.
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    South Carolina
    Bends usually have deep washout holes and such that provide good habitat for the flatheads, but there might be goo stuff in your section, too.

    You'll need to find some kind of structure, though. Are there wing dikes or abandoned barges on the banks or riprap or bulkheads or anything at all that will provide current breaks and hiding places for the cats while attracting bait at the same time?

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    JA is right. In a long straight river with no bends I would look for a creek that feeds into it or a wing dam, sunk barge, anything that would be different and give you some structure. I'm not sure how well flats will live in that river or how many will be there. I have read that they will travel miles and miles to find the right place to live so you might have to look around yourself. I have heard the blues do super in that type river. If there are any locks in it I would really start there. I'm sure a flat will be in the wash below the lock.