Flathead catfish in the log jams

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by swamp stomper, Oct 1, 2007.

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    New to the site lots of good info!
    I read all the ways of catchin flats and all but the only way I seem to be able to catch a flathead is by a root ball and the trunk of the tree fishing straight down in about 8ft. with a live bream because of the current and so he won't have alot of line to wrap in the limbs. Does anyone else fish like this in rivers? I've only caught small ones 2-4 lbs. so far. I didn't even know there were flats on this river never heard of anyone catching em or seeing pic. at the bait shops.
    I was just tryin somethin new figured a big blue maybe lookin for a bream and came up with a flat.
    This on the Chatahochee, in GA.
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    If noone knows that there are any in the river, it`s best to keep it to your self. :wink: In honesty, as long as there is cover with some depth to it...theres a good chance a Flat might be in there.

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    Welcome to the BOC.
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    Travis, First off if you are catching flats you will have to kinda keep it to yourself unless you want to fight over spots with all the boats that will come if you mention you are catching big fish lol. That's the only bad thing about message boards. There are alot of LURKERS out there that will never post anything they know about catching fish, but they are out there looking for places to exploit at the same time so be careful. From your post you seem to have stumbled upon a goldmine. If no one has caught any and there aren't any photos in the bait shops you are getting in on virgin flathead water. (Can I come down and fish with you next year?) Next is what time of year did you fish this/these root wads and fallen trees?This time of year if you are catching small fish in an area they have been driven there by the larger fish because they are less desireable locations. Just look for similar areas with an added element, like a little more or bigger wood, more bait more or less current etc... If it was late in the spawn or the middle of the summer then you can bet that next spring these same spots will have the largest flatheads in the system setting up and crusing thru durring the PRE-Spawn. As soon as the water temp gets within 2 or 3 degrees of 60 the flats are gonna be searching for spawning habitat, and moving around more than they will for the rest of the year. And a big tree lying along the bank in 8ft of water is like flathead spawn nirvana, So you need to scout out places like that now and go back in the spring. Use 8 to 15 inch baits and don't be afraid to stay in a stretch all night with no hits, if it has a 50 yrd or more stretch of riverbank loaded with trees and logs along the bank. Those trees are what they are gonna spawn under right up aginst the bank in one to 3ft of water. Don't cast directly into the snag just get within 3 or 4 ft so you have time to engage your reel before he gets back into the snag. I want to hear from you next year to see how well you did.
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    WELCOME Travis--I think you'll like this site. Good advice Skip, but in my own defense---I ain't lurkin', I just ain't catchin'.(lol)
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    Back in Arizona I was catching Flats like your talking about in 4-6 feet of water in the gila river it is a very shallow river more like a wide creek I think the deepest I ever seen it might be 10 feet. I used to throw right in the roots or in brush and they would nail the bream in the shallow water. Had very good current also.
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    man your a lucky guy! im allways looking for 4# flats, they are yummy. those damn 40s just get in my way whilest im meat huntin. heheherher