Flathead catfish in the Delaware River

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    I recently fished the delaware at narrowsburg ny (north eastern corner at pa) and I caught a few channels and finally got to eat them (cuz the susky by me is dirty lol) and I was wondering are there flatheads up there? Thanks alot-Rebelman
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    Because if there is..... what should I use for bait to target them and how deep? Because at that area(narrowsburg picture below) the deepest spot is like 80-90 ft lol. I used fallfish around 5-6 inches but only got a smallmouth. And what time of day is best for the flatheads? I appreciate any info anyone gives me!:roll_eyes:


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    I don't know if they up that far in the Delaware, but down here in Philly, I hear reports of them in the tidal section. I have never fished the Delaware Rivewr for flatheads. My advice is live bluegills, at night, and near structure. I'm sure guys like Mark, Scott, and Joseph can fill you in on fishing big PA rivers.
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    Adam I havent heard of any Flat's up this way yet, But if there in the lower D it's only a matter of time they will be up here. There are no dam's on the river, so there's no stoping them. I hope I live that long:big_smile:
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    Just ask Katfshn50. Big George knows alot about the Delaware River.:0a22: