Flathead catfish in Philpott

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  1. shaddaddi

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    smith mountain lake,VA
    I have seen some pics of flatties that were supposedly caught in Philpott and talked to someone who has caught 'em a few times at Jamison Mill. Does anyone know anything about this? I also read a fisheries sampling that shocked up flatties in Leesville!
  2. gtva

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    Bassett, VA
    I can believe Leesville, as they are present in Smith Mountain and Buggs. Philpott, who knows? I have seen all kinds of fish come out of that lake, including one of the salmon they stocked in there in the '70's. I don't think they were in the Smith before it was impounded, so they wouldn't be native, and there is no mention of them ever being stocked by the state. There could easily have been some put in there by fishermen bringing them from the Dan, along with the blue cats that are claimed to be caught but were never stocked. All I can say for sure is that I've fished that lake since I was big enough to hold a rod and I've never caught one or seen anyone who has caught one. Maybe we need to spend some time fishing it for flats and see what turns up.


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    Ive never heard of anyone catching any flatties out of there either. Im sure someone has brought some from the dan and put in there but it may take a really long time to find and catch them. I've only every caught dinner size channel catfish in philpott though.