Flathead catfish in Pamunky River?

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by dklark, Jul 24, 2006.

  1. dklark

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    about 2 years ago I was fishing the pamunkey,talked to a guy who said he had just caught and released a flathead.I haven't been there since,just wondering if anybody here has caught flatties on the pamunkey or mattaponi?
    also how about the tidal appomattox and swift creek,haven't really tried for flatheads there but I know of them being caught as far down as hopewell,looks like if they moved into the undredged old river channell/pye alley/swift creek complex they would rule.
  2. mattaponicat74

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    I fish the mattaponi about twice a week and occasionally go to the pamunkey. I have always caught plenty of blues with a couple of channels but i am yet to catch a flat......not saying they arent there but i havent caught one.

  3. madcatter

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    West Virgina
    :smile2: The only flatheads I've caught in the area was on the James. We were throwing a cast net in the middle of the night around the corner from Deep Bottom. In one cast we caught 10 shad, a dozen or so small cats, one blue cat about 10# and a flathead about 20 to 25lbs. or so. What a mess. I've heard of people catching some smaller ones above Osbourne Landing.