Flathead catfish in flood conditions

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by loki1982, May 12, 2007.

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    Flatheads are my nemesis. I just cant seem to catch them. I have the next few days off from work and made up my mind I am going to go try some flathead fishing.

    The current conditions are. The lake is about 1 foot high. This is a rise of 12-13 feet from one month ago. My choices of places to fish are, a long cove that has alot of standing trees. Most of the trees are probably no longer visible at the current water level, but I know where they are. The deepest area here will be probably 25-30 foot with the majority of the area being 15-20. My second spot would be along the dam on the lake side. This area is rocky, no cover other than possibly rock. Depth can range from as shallow as I want to 50 foot. Another possible spot which im not thrilled about is where the main creek comes in. Its about the furthest spot possible away form where I put in, I dont know the area at all, and it very likely to be very trashy after all the rain we've had.

    I am thinking the cove with standing trees is the better spot, there is basically no other spot on the lake that has any trees.

    Under these conditions what do you think would be the ideal spot. Put my bait towards the shore in shallower water? Or maybe directly into the cover in deeper water 15-25 foot? I have the absolute worst luck fishing for flatheads so I dont know where to begin. Also do you think I should concentrate on fishing toward the mouth of the cove or further up. This cove probably extents for about 1/4 mile.
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    fish shallow water around wood ,look for undercut banks and fish around areas where water comes into the lake,the areas around spawning areas and adjacent deeper waters is where I would fish this time of the year

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    The timber area sounds real good but I would also give the mouth of the cove some fishin' time! Get those big live baits out there and your Flattie luck will change for the better!:big_smile:
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    good post! that will get you on fish, loki.