Flathead catfish in a pond

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    i fish a pond that i thought just had bluegill,bass,crappie,and channels until the pond owner tells me a guy had put a 22 pound flathead in the pond without him knowing around a year ago.i was wonderin what the best tactic to catch it, because he has had a decrease in bluegill in the pond and im guessin that its because of the flathead.Also could u guess about how big it is now
  2. laidbck111

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    I would be fishing with bluegill and in any stucture the pond has to offer even if it is just a small channel that the flat can hide in wait for his dinner.

  3. gcarlin

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    Richmond ,Indiana
    Always feed them what they are used to feeding on,I would say that since the flathead has free run of the pond that he probably weighs in around 30 lbs. Good Luck on catching it
  4. mcwrestler

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    Fresh cutbait on a large hook will also work for a decent sized pond, since that is an easy meal, just make sure to rebait often if you do so. I attached a pic of a 27lb one caught on fresh cut shad, and a small blue, all in a featureless pond. The blue cat still has cut bait hanging out of his mouth. I figure that if I cast out far and reel in 10 or so yards it will leave a scent trail to follow. But for my avatar pic it was fresh bluegill in the same pond.

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    I'd try to catch some bluegill out of that pond and try to feed those to the flathead. Thats the stuff he'll eat without even thinking twice.
  6. Netmanjack

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    Blake, I think the best tactic would be to jug him up with live blue gills.
    I think you would get him quicker. If it's a small pond fish the deepest spots in daylight and the shallow end from dusk till dawn.
  7. bigcatJoe

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    I would use live blue gill .
  8. fat_fish55

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    that might be the only complication with this
    he has a lil pond full of tastey bluegills to snack on all the time
    might be hard to get him on urs
    of course the injured bloody one with ur hook will be a little more appealing if hes cruising by
  9. whiteriverbigcats

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    and if all that fails... try a big ol tasty nightcrawler....

    IL_CATFISH New Member

    Hey partner, here is your best bet. better than any of these other suggestions.

    Get your self an old crank telephone. They arent that hard to find. Just check out antique stores and so on. And then you...............

    HAHAHA, just jokin guys. I know i had some of you goin.

    Personally i like the jugs idea. Just make sure you tend to you jugs and dont leave him out there on one all day. It could kill the poor guy.
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    take a slip float with no weight on it and use a large sinker and set the float at different depths till the weight makes the float stand up then keep adjusting it till you are close to the depth of the pond. then when that is figured out fish with slip floats and live bream and set them about 6 to 8 inches off the bottom. that way the bait can swim in the strike zone for a lazy flattie.cast out and every few min turn your reel handle acouple of times to jig the bait up and down and keep it shaken up and swimming hard. then when you have worked the bait to the bank rebait and cast again but move a few ft. also watch the water for large areas of bubbles to come of the bottom that will sometimes give away a spot for a flattie. large mouth bass around 4 to 5 inches long are deadly for flatties if it is legal in your area.i caught a 52 lber that way. he was on the bottom and inhaled my bait and layed there for 20 min till i started to move my float, when he inhaled the bait my float we about half way under i guess he just layed there with it in his mouth cause the float didnt move any after that. when i went to reel it in it just sank on down like it was hung. i have read that they will open their mouth and create a suction that will pull bait into there mouth without even have to move. that is how i fish ponds works good for blues also. if you get the bait in front of him he wont turn it down. hope this helps you out.