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    I have never flathead fished. Where do you find them in creeks, rivers and lakes? I know about rigging and bait but not where to locate them. Any advice would be appreciated.
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    From what i have learned on the BOC, you can find them in lakes that are river fed, and the river. They like to get behind log jams to catch there meals coming around, or deep holes. They are a live bait cat so that will produce the best results. Try ledges, and around tail water. Hope this helps some, a lot really depends on where you are fishing. There will be some folks answer that can help you more than I.

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    Welcome to the BOC! Much wisdom awaits you here.
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    You should have no problems finding flatheads down in tennesse. I fish rivers so I can't help much with lakes. In the river I fish flatheads are most abundant around some type of wood cover be it log jams or just single logs washed along the bank, especially in the spring. The deepest holes on my river are only 15 to 20 ft deep. But I catch more fish in 3 to 8 ft of water cause it has wood cover. Just cause its deep don't mean the flats want to live there. If you have no wood in your river they will live in deeper rocky areas. The muddier the river the shallower the flats can be found. (dark water filters out the sun) Find the longest stretch of water that has logs lying all along the bank for say 100 to 300 yds. Just set up there and you will have your best shot at numbers of fish. Fish close to the bank. Put one bait 3ft off the bank another 7ft off, If allowed put another 11 ft off then sit and be quiet and wait. Use the liveliest baits you can find. They will come.