Flathead catfish fever - West Point Lake

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    I have been fishing West Point Lake for 25 years and we never caught any Flatheads until just a few years ago. Then we started catching 5 to 10 pounders when we were up the river fishing for Hybrids. Now the Chattahoochee River above West Point is full of big Flatheads.We have been catching them up to 30 pounds and I've been hearing reports of Flatheads up to 40 pounds. We had one on last spring for over 30 minutes and could'nt do anything with it and then the hook pulled out. Now I have a bad case of Flathead Fever and have purchased some bigger rods! It seems that West Point is well on its way to becoming a great Flathead fishery. Of coarse the D.N.R. does not want the big catfish in the lake or river because they are not a native species and they have been trying to shock them up and kill them. They tried this on the Altamaha River and it did'nt work, probably because the Altamaha is such a huge river, but the Chattahoochee is not that big and I suspect the D.N.R. could do serious damage by shocking on this river. I say let them eat and let them live!
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    Hey fishwestpoint, you know we caught some flathead south of westpoint in lake Eufaula for the first time . They were small ones, but they were flats