Flathead catfish day locations anyone got tracking info

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Goldenshinner, Jun 6, 2007.

  1. Goldenshinner

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    ok, sorry to revisit this subject and beat it down again, but i would like to hear thoughts on this. i have had friends with flatties in small indoor ponds and aquariums and what we observed is that they prefer to jam themselfs under anything durring the day. but... we have on occassion also noticed them durring the peak of day laying in rocky areas of the river rather exposed. just siting between large rocks. and this was not due to a lack of snags. it didnt seem strange to me but i am interested in what others would say to these observations. oh time was early sumer.fish size was around 10lbs and another was probably 20lbs. definitly flatties.
  2. Hawk33

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    Google flathead tracking info.

    There's some info on the web were they radio tracked them flatheads !!!

    Can't remember where it is exactly or i'd post link if i find it i'll post it.

    Hawk :big_smile:

  3. live22skate

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    good info. ive never caught any flatties during the day, so i always figured the were jammed under some log somewhere:tounge_out:
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    My best flathead fishing has been 12 noon to 8 pm sun strait up and hot as all get out. 98+f. skip jack filet's in deep drop off's right next to swift moving water in the slack water and back edddie's. I took my girl friend out and she caught her first ever fish 26lb flat head but that was on live bluegill at night.
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    good question to revisit shinner. personally i have caught them in deep holes and up on the flats behind large rocks, in the daytime. mostly we have to get up under cover in deep holes though. im sure the weather (not just day or night) has a lot to do with their locations from day to day.
  6. kickin_wing

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    I have had luck in log jams in the middle of the day, and below dykes in the morning.
  7. slim1

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    I had a small flathead in an aquarium, and it would not move until night time, then when the lights were out all you would hear is splashing and thrashing and in the morning all minnows would be gone. If some of the minnows would swim right in front of its mouth with the lights on it would take them but it would not chase. I think this is exactly what they do naturally. You have to hit them on the head in the day time, but night is a differant story.
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    Good Ifo, I hope to catch some Flats.
  9. Goldenshinner

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    interestingly i believe that they relate very differently in slow moving lake style environments compared to rivers. i fish both a large lake localy and the rivers, and they seem to locate in very different structures.
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    i have caught most of my flatheads in the day time in fast deep water but i think last time i went out i went through more hooks than i had in a long time but big fish seem to hang around cover. just a price i am willing to pay to catch a big flaty