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    When looking at coyote sets I tend to group them in 3 types . Dirthole , flat sets and post sets .

    I like to think of a flat set as a dirthole without a hole . I use a curiosity lure mainly for my flat type sets . Something that usually doesn't contain a food base . Mink gland close to a water source has put more then one hide on my stretchers . One thing I tend to shy away from on a flat set is a real loud rotted smell . The reason for this is they tend to roll on a smell like that and i want them standing up cause can't cath a foot if they aren't standing on them LOL .

    To make a flat set if there wasn't a suitable backing I import one . A rock , bleached bone or a piece of charred wood . One of my favorites is a vertebrae from a beef . These look like a T . I call it my T bone set . They even have a hole in the top of the T that is dandy for lure . Pound them into the ground and it is tough for a yote to pack one off . Most of my flat sets I make as a walk thru type . Trap between the backing and a guide of some sort such as a stick or aridge of dirt or a clump of grass as in the picture . Most anything to force them to walk over my trap . Subtle is the key with yotes as they won't work a set if forced too much . I blend these sets as to make them appear to be old . These type sets will sometimes take older dirthole shy yotes .

    Just another trick in the bag we sometimes have to dig into . This set is another limited only by your imagination .


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    That is probably my fav and by far most used set Pete.

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    Thanks, i've trapped alot of coon and mink but know very little about dry land trapping.
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    looks good!! i run sets alot like that myself