Flat creek landing, Tuckertown

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    Anyone going to Flatcreek landing on Tuckertown, watch out!

    I hung my trailer on the end of the landing. With the generous help from some gentlemen taking out for the day, I managed to recover the trailer with the axle in tact. It was questionable for a while wether or not I would ever get it out. :crazy:

    It is the landing on the left if you are standing in the parking area looking at the landings. The water was down about a foot, but it was have been a good 1-2 foot drop of the end of the landing. My trailer went to the frame when I backed off of it.:eek:oooh:

    Wound up hooking it to the boat and dragging the trailer sideways to get it around the drop off. What takes the cake is it was the first trip with a new trailer. All said and done, nothing damaged.:big_smile:

    Be Carful.
  2. Ictalurus Punctatus

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    Gald everything turned out ok. It's the same old addage about a new work truck. Get a big hammer and put a dent in the side of it before you leave the dealership. Go ahead and get it out of the way so that you don't have to worry about denting it anymore:wink: .


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    I hate to hear that. I've got a 24' pontoon that I put in their occasionally and I believe from now on I will use the right side of the dock. Thanks for the info.........