flat bank sinkers

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  1. dlkendrick

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    I fish the ark river in ok/ar below the dams and am wondering how flat bank sinkers work in these fast waters.I have always used the regular style of bank sinkers with 3-4 wires out the bottom to help hold everything in place.If using the flat style do you use the same oz or can you go lighter or do you have to go heavier?
  2. baldy804

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    was reading an artical awhile ago said to use a golfball with brass hook threaded in it oldtimer claimes it wont get snagged asmuch because it bounces acrossed the bottom untill finds a place to rest then on the treve it wont snag either i just tried one and can cast 2 times asfar as i could with a 4 ounce sinker havent used it in the river yet but plan to soon will keep u posted

  3. Larry

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    Flat bank sinkers... Also known as no rolls are a good sinker to use. Some say that in really strong current they can flutter and twist on the way to the bottom but I've never had this problem.
    With sinkers there are a few variables that you need to consider when using.
    1. Current Speed.
    2. Weight of the bait.
    3. Bottom structure.

    The benefit of no rolls is that once they land they usually won't move around too much. You don't want movement once your bait is on the bottom, if it moves any considerable amount and there are snag's you run the risk of your line fouling up in rocks or whatever else is down there, increasing your chances of getting hung up or snagged and loosing your tackle.
    Keys things to keep in mind keep your line taught.... don't let a lot of excess line out when letting your rig come to rest on the bottom. If you find that your bait is moving after you've settled on the bottom you need to increase the weight to hold.
    Hope this helps out. I know others have good input that will help.
  4. alton

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    I bank fish in the Mississippi at the dam in Alton IL. Sounds like a similiar situation to you. I only use flat bank sinkers. I use 4 to 6oz depending on the current. I think they hold the bottom better than regular bank sinkers. I also believe they are less prone to get snagged. But around most dams I think the chances of getting snagged are very high so I would recommend using a lighter line to attach the sinker so you only lose a sinker. If you are only looking for a sinker to dig in and hold the bottom I would use a pyramid. Good luck.
  5. poisonpits

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    kendrick if you are fishing from a boat and fishing strait out behind the boat flat sinkers or no rolls are fine but if you are fishing cross currant in swift water the claw is the only way to go.
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    The bottom that iI fish is mainly rock and we do lose a lot of lead.I have always used claw sinkers in the past but wanted to try something new.I have been across the bridge on 270 several times and get cold chills everytime I look to the south down the river at the dam.Gotta be big fish in there,would sure like to try it someday.Thx again for the answer. Arkslick