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    Hello fellow cat-aholics,

    I recently moved to the Flagstaff area and am wondering what kind of channel action I can expect from Lake Mary or any other of the local lakes. Anyone have any experience with these lakes?

    I've heard of great things down on the Salt, Verde, and Gila systems (including some awesome flathead hype) but sometimes I need to stay local.

    Thanks. And don't worry if you got nothing good to tell me about the Flag area. Tell me something anyway. Happy to hear anything about catfish and I'm always willing to join in on a fishing trip.

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    Welcome Tom to the BOC. I am sure some of the fellow catfishermen in the group can help you in with the area you are in. Check the fishing report on the Arizona game and fish website. I live in Payson so my trips are mainly to Roosevelt lake. Best of luck to you, you will find amazing knowledge and assistance on this site.

  3. MichaelP

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    I know that in lakes where channels and trout reside, trout heads make an awesome big channel cat bait.
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    Tucson, Az
    Tom, you are in the right place and you will find all you need to know on this web site. I personally never have fished the flagstaff area so I cant help you there. Good luck to you!!!!!

    :0a25: to the BOC
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    Verde Valley AZ
    I used to live there, and fished Lake Mary a bit, mostly caught Pike on lures after I waded out past the weeds, NEVER caught a cat of any kind,, heard about some that have, so, they're supposed to be in there, , I'd heard a place called the "Narrows" was the place to go, about 2/3- 3/4 up from the dam.
    In more recent years the lake has been down and is just getting back to normal levels I've heard.
    I live in the Verde Valley and usually go over to Blythe to fish the Colorado, and, have been trying to put a Roosevelt Lake catfish hunt together, but, it hasn't happened yet,
    Bank angler here, no boat.....
    Good Luck, Greg
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    Clinton, Iowa

    Welcome to the BOC. I am also within the Flagstaff area and can give you a bunch of pointers. It has been awhile since I have fished the lakes around here...mainly because I have been fishing over several days and tend to go to the Lower Colorado River near Blythe instead.

    First question...do you have a boat?

    Second question...do you know where to get waterdogs or frozen anchovies?

    These are the bait of choice around here. The frozen anchovies can be purchased at the Mobil gas station on the way to Upper Lake Mary. The waterdogs can be found at the Lake Mary Country Store just below Lower Lake Mary.

    There are two lakes that I really like around here. The first is Upper Lake Mary in the Narrows area. If you take the Lake Mary road go past the main boat ramp at the Upper lake. At the end of the next bend in the road, you will see a turnoff area on your right. If you hike down to the lake from there, you will be in a good spot. I have caught numerous channels ranging from 2-5lbs in this spot using half pieces of frozen anchovies or a waterdog.

    The second lake that I like is Kinnikinick Lake (sp?) This lake takes a lot longer to get to, but it has Flathead catfish in it. I have heard of flatties caught up to 17lbs, but I have only managed to catch a 10lber out of there. To get to this lake, you continue down the Lake Mary Road until you are on top of a "plateau" across from Mormon Lake. You will see a Forest Service sign for the lake...on the left side. It will be about another 10 miles before you get to the lake and it is a dirt road.

    If you have any questions, let me know. As you are a recent member to the BOC, I believe you have to make ten posts before you can PM me. At any rate, good luck.

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    I am loving your new Avitar!!!
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    Welcome to the BOC Tom. Ryan pretty much covered the Flag. area my only other thought might be White Horse Lake by Williams it has some pretty decent channels in it.
    Good luck.