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    This is how I made and rigged mine. Haven't had but a few chances to use them but they work great. Kids young and old love them.

    Materials needed

    Pool Noodles, I like the yellow because you can see them from a distance. But if you live in Texas you will need white or some white duct tape to put on them.
    1" PVC pipe
    1" Tees
    1" end caps
    PVC pipe glue and cleaner
    drill and small drill bit
    Screw in eye bolts
    6" lengths of rebar
    Duct Tape
    Reflective Tape
    #18 Trotline Cord
    3-way swivels


    Cut your noodles into 3 equal lengths, you will end up with 3 sections just over 19 inches long.
    Cut your 1" PVC pipe into 2 foot lengths.
    Glue a Tee onto a 2 foot section of pipe.
    Slide the noodle onto the pipe all the way to the Tee.
    Drop a 6" piece of re-bar into the pipe.
    Glue on an end cap.
    After glue sets up drill a pilot hole into the center of the end cap.
    Screw an eye bolt into the hole you made in the end cap.
    Wrap the reflective tape around both ends of the Tee.


    There is probably a thousand ways to rig your lines but this is how I rig them. They say a picture is worth a thousand words so you can view the pics to see how I have them rigged.

    This pic shows the end cap and the eye bolt that I attached the main line to using #18 trotline cord.


    This one shows the Tee end and shows two things. One it shows the rebar inside and when you set the jug out make sure the rebar is on this end. When a fish hits it the rebar will slide to the other end and show that it has had a hit. Two it shows where I wrap duct tape around this end to put the hook into for storage. This keeps the hook from damaging the noodle so it will last longer.


    This one shows where I wrap the reflective tape. I fished with Poisonpits (Johnnie) the other day and was telling him how I rigged and he gave me a good tip that I'm going to try. He wraps the glow sticks that he gets from Gene on this site around them.


    This one shows the jug layed out and ready for bait. You can get an idea of how i have them rigged. I run 7/0 kahles and 5 oz. bank sinkers on mine but I have heard that circle hooks work well on them also. You will also notice I run the sinker drop lower than the hook drop. I do this for three reasons. 1. It seems to help keep it from snagging on logs etc... 2. The sinker will bottom out when it hits shallow water to keep it from blowing up on shore. 3. It seems to set the hook better like this. You will also notice I just run one hook and they are just 5 to 6 foot drops. I catch a lot of fish shallow even ion 30 foot water.


    This one shows the jug rolled up and ready for storage​

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    You gotta go with what best suits you and the way you fish. I've tried quart Pennzoil jugs that worked great for crappie, but not for catfish; noodles, which worked ok only if I sat right on top of them; 3-liter soda jugs, which gave great visibility, but took up too much room; and 2-liter soda jugs, which seem to work best for me. As for not handling big fish, I've caught blues up to 65# on the 2-liter jugs.