Flagging Catfish Jugs

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    Staff Note: Provided for the BOC by Ben Luna(Gentleben) and Randy(RandyTX), please if you like these jugs give them the recognition. This is a diagram showing how to make these great looking jugs. Ben said he wants these on the board so everyone can make them instead of paying the high prices of the store bought jugs. Thank you Ben for a great article and for thinking of our members like this. Here are Ben's Flagging Jugs:

    This is the diagram we like to use to make our Flagging juggs.


    It can be rigged several different ways.
    Mine are rigged with #36 tarred line, 40'. The line is attached to the eyelet by way of a stopper not.

    The weight and staging are added starting from the bottom.
    For the weight, a one pound dumb bell from the sporting goods store at a cost of 44 cents. is used. A break away line approx 2 feet is used. The break away line is a lighter test line that will break easlily should the weight get snagged on the bottom.

    After the break away line, the hooks are added, I use eagleclaw 5/0 circle hooks. ( IMO, the circle hooks have increased the hookup). A stopper knot is added each side of a swivel on the mainline..

    The staging is added to the swivel by way of stopper knot also. A stopper knot at the swivel and a stopper knot at the hook. The staging is 9" to 10" in length.

    The hooks are set approx 3 to 3.5 feet apart, with 5 hooks pur jugline. (Texas is 5 hooks max per jugline)

    The depth can be adjusted as the jug is set out. leaving approx 2 feet of slack after the weight is on bottom.

    The excess line is wrapped aroumd the stem of the jug, close to the eyelet, then secured with a half hitch.

    Refelctive tape is added on the end, for jugging at night.

    Personally, I dont use the clips, IMO, it is less hardware to malfunction and or get hung up.