Fixing an old Bayliner

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by mjbarby, May 13, 2006.

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    i have an old bayliner that needs deck and paint. the motor is in very good shape and runs like a champ but the boat is dismal. idealy i would like to find a boat to put the motor on, but until finances are available i must make do with what i have. so for my question, replacing the deck is a no brainer, i will use exterior ply, thompson's water seal and carpet or roll on bed liner. however paint is a subject i know little about. keeping in mind this is a temporary fix and when i find the right boat this one will make great landfill, do any of you have any ideas that may help? the boat is 18' and fiberglass. thanks all.
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    Hey, if boat is to be landfill then fix it just enough to be safe and fish out of. cheap spray paint will hide looks temp. catfish ain't like b@$$, you don't have to have sparkle paint and 150+hp to catch one.
    just be safe!

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    If You Have Any Lowe's Home Centers Near You, They May Have What You Need. They Have It Here It's Made By Rustoleum, It Say's "Marine Topside Paint". You Can Put It On With A Brush Or A Roller.

    It Holds Up Real Well, Just Remember The Key To Any Succesful Painting Is The Prep Work, SANDING:angry: Elliot