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Fixing A Master 180 Clicker

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Original post made by Darrel Miller(Cornhusker) on August 20, 2003

Fixing a Master 180 clicker.

When the reel is setting with the left side up, remove 3 small screws in the left side cover and lift it stright up and off. When you look straight down on the reel you see the white plastic gear on the end of the spool shaft that makes the metal strip in the cover give off a clicking sound. Does the gear look like the picture?

Now set the reel down and pick up the side cover. Look straight into the inside of it and you need to see what is in the picture below. The clicker"On / Off" button should move with some resistance so it stays in position. The brass strip should look like the one in the picture. If it is bent between the sharp bend near the cover and the end, straighten it. When you move the "On /Off" button be sure the strip moves.

Now there is a black plastic tube about 1/4 to 3/8 inch long that must be located in exactly the spot I show it in the picture AND the inside of the tube must line up with the hole in the cover. Move the "On /Off" button until it does. This tube slip over a post in the reel body when you put the reel back together.

These are all the parts that make up the clicker. You should be able to any damage to them and if they were assembled correctly. Place the side cover back on the reel, hold it in position with your fingers and crank the reel handle. You should hear the clicker.

The clicker is somewhat weak as far as sound goes. It can be adjusted slightly by bending the brass strip at the sharp bend near the cover. You will need to experiment until you find the best location. Keep the section of the brass strip between the sharp bend and the end as straight as possible.
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