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    Fished Friday and Saturday night. Fish still in the channel but a few are starting to go shallower with a larger percentage of the shallow fish being channel cats. Caught only four fish the first night. One was 42 lbs. We had one that felt a lot bigger than the 42 lb fish on a jug as well but it was hung up and by the time we got it loose the fish was gone. Need to rig my jugs with 13/0 hooks when fishing in the heavy timber, the fish are less likely to be torn off the hooks when working to get the jugs loose. Had ten fish the second night, seven in the channel and 3 up the creeks. Nothing over 10 lbs. Both of the bigger fish that bit on the jugs on Friday night were within 25 yards of each other. We moved 10 extra jugs into that area hoping to have a great payday on Sunday afternoon. Just shows you how much the blues move in a lake.
    Hopefully the big ones are getting ready to move a little.
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    Great post! Rep from me!

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    good to hear you caught a few jay, i was wondering how it was going. can't wait to get back over to ivie and try some lines. i need to get me some cat in the freezer. thanks for the report, talk to u soon
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    I'm glad you caught some fish. I can't wait to go catch some.