Fishing Ying an Yang

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    Well hear goes my first story and a true one at that.This trip takes place on the Illinois river North of Cillicothe July 06.What first started out to be a great plan was coming to be a load of work.First my buddy had to work so he didnt get off till 4:00 so couldnt help get the bait,no problem wife and i will get it.This was a hoot, she had never seined before and kept sliding on the bank and raising the seine finally says cant you buy some of those things.I calmly say know and we manage to get a nice bucket of shinners and chubs.Quote;Need New Plan For Seineing.All right things are now ready call Joe tell him i will meet him at boat dock.About that time brother calls an i ask him to go he says great but you need to pick me up at the house. He has moved to the city and now i have to pull my boat in the traffic to get him.Off i go, get to Peoria where the is 150 thousand crasy drivers pulling a 20 foot boat to get to his house miss his turn and end up in a culdesac with no turn around.Some old man yelling i cant pull into his drive way, trying to get truck and boat turned around 89 degrees out.Finnally said do what you want buddy because here i come.Did a u turn right in his front yard as he sat the with his mouth open.Got my brother who thought i hads got lost.I told him anybody who lived over here is nuts.We are now a hour late for time at boat dock,blood presure is about boiling.Take deep breath when i see river and say lets start all over.Here things finnaly turn around,after a couple cold ones.Find our hole we like and set anchors.We use about seven or eight poles when we go and everything is calm.Well the fish must have felt for me becuse they started hamering those poles non stop till 10 oclock ,i mean some 12 pounders and mostly 7 or 8 pounders.We have a 15 foot stringer and it is full except for top 5 feet.Even gave my brother a scare when i went to tie it to his chair and got his belt loop.So you see you get a little good and bad but fishing makes the bad just slide away John(OleBullhead)Hagen