Fishing with the better 1/2

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Boomer, Aug 19, 2008.

Fishing with your better 1/2

  1. Yes I fish with my better 1/2

  2. No I do not fish with my better 1/2

  3. I wish I didnt fish with my better 1/2

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  1. Boomer

    Boomer New Member

    How many of ya'll fish with your better 1/2? Just wondering in 22 years of marriage I can count on my hand the number of times my wive fished with me.

    She says it is boring, and cant understand why I like to sit there all day, I told her be quite, and pass me another beer. That was her last fishing trip.........:wink:
  2. Mi11er

    Mi11er New Member

    Independence, M
    My wife loves to fish. We go to the boundary waters around Ely, MN every year with my folks and she loves it. But she doesn't like when the waves are rolling at 3 1/2 feet( I say that's a good walleye chop) and there is absolutely no way I will get her on the Missouri River.

  3. river_runner_85

    river_runner_85 New Member

    Kansas City, Missouri
    Yeah about the better 1/2 coming, I know whe wouldn't enjoy it. She keeps telling me she would go out with me. But i know for a fact she would not get a kick out of it. She also would be the one to say this is boring and doesn't understand why i do it. I might just have to break down and take her out with me one time. But i'm sure i'm pretty close in what the reaction is going to be. I know her to well.
  4. bownero

    bownero New Member

    Hastings, Ne.
    No I don't fish with the better half. I guess the reason is, she got burned out by it when she was a child. Her grandpa always dragged her and her brother out fishing all the time and they stayed out for hours. Kinda made her lose her interest in fishing. My wife has fished with me on a few occassions, but I can count them on my fingers.:smile2: LOL! I have a few buddies that keep me company when I'm on the water.:wink:
  5. CuzICan

    CuzICan New Member

    Fayetteville, A
    When I get to GO fishing I go with John...Those are probably my fondest memories of quality time spent together, and alot of it with our kids.

    Now HE would probably rather NOT fish with me, LOL :wink::smile2::smile2:
  6. on_the_fly

    on_the_fly New Member

    I love taking my better half she stays right beside me and never would think about running off. she lets me know if something comes up on us.. O wait thats my dog:tounge_out: O you ment my wife heck no she dont know witch end of the rod changes channels :crazy:and witch perfume atracts less bugs:eek:oooh: wife on fishin trip now thats scarry. :eek:oooh: sorry hun but we both know its true
  7. Ghosth

    Ghosth New Member

    North Dakota
    Well my better half first encouraged me to get back into fishing. Then she wanted to come along with. So I started her out catching blue gills and eventually got her up to fishing with real gear for real fish.

    She's still ticked off about the huge carp that stole her pole. And as a result is a bit leery of wanting to fish for "monsters". But I suspect come next year she'll be looking for something to put a big bend in her rod right beside me.
    When she hooks a fish she doesn't really show any signs of excitement other than trying to reel like crazy to get it in before it gets off.

    12 years of marriage and we've always had a close relationship, but its better now than its ever been.

    I never thought she'd get into it, but she's a real trooper down at the water.
  8. Katmandeux

    Katmandeux New Member

    Checotah, Oklahoma
    Newp. Nada.

    I took my first wife out and put her on some bull reds...I'm tellin' ya, the bite was on...she caught a couple, said, "Okay, that was fun. Can we go home now?" Last trip.
  9. Wabash River Bear

    Wabash River Bear New Member

    Me and mine fish together all the time. 20 years ago we fished together because we were poor and needed to put meat in the freeezer, now its more because we enjoy the peace and quiet and relaxing together. Its a good time.
  10. PTDixieGal

    PTDixieGal New Member

    Little Rock, Ar
    I don't have a better half to fish with. I go fish with my dad. But if I did have a better half I'd make him go fishing too.
  11. chambers bd

    chambers bd New Member

    Teresa is my best fishing buddy!:wink:
  12. switchback

    switchback New Member

    My wife fishes with me all the time. She would rather fish for bluegill she dont have the patience for catfishing and doesnt understand bass fishing. Oh well i guess she can catch my bait. We have a lot of fun anyhow.
  13. CarolinaCatJack

    CarolinaCatJack New Member

    Travelers Rest,
    Yup, I fish with the wife. It's weird....On the nights that I go either by myself or with my buddies, I catch very little, if anything at all. BUT, when she goes, it's ON! She's my good luck charm, and she even outfishes me sometimes. There's only one drawback. She won't bait a hook, she won't take a fish off unless she absolutely has to, she won't clean fish, and she won't eat 'em. Oh well.....more fun for me!

    This was a VERY interesting poll. It's good to see that husbands and wives can enjoy the outdoors together. It's even better when the kids get to go. :0a23:
  14. zeboman

    zeboman New Member

    My wife likes to fish but hasn`t fished with me in a long time. I`ve asked her to come along but she always declines the offer , she`s in bed early and can`t stay up all night.
  15. BIG_D

    BIG_D New Member

    Batchtown IL.
    yes my better 1/2 goes from time to time lol Gary you are a nut pass me anuther beer lol:smile2::cool2:
    sins i dont have a thank you buten i will say thank you for the lafh
  16. brother hilljack

    brother hilljack New Member

    Shelbyville, TN
    There should be an option that says I prefer to fish with my better half
  17. TONTO

    TONTO New Member

    I fish with my better half tkeyhunter as much as possible. I get alot of requests to take people fishing, but it is so much more fun and relaxing fishing with her. Some day she might even be able to keep up with me LMAO and I'm ducking because she is sitting beside me OH I just got kicked! We just got back from a weekend trip in Kentucky fishing the Ohio. Had a perfect weekend! Caught alot of fish, once she mastered the art of drifting. She caught the biggest fish of the trip and really enjoyed it. There are things that men can do to make it more enjoyable for their better half. I always have the necessities like toilet paper, bug spray, suntan lotion, snacks and cold drinks. When she is ready to go it is time to go, in the beginning don't expect them to stay out all day/night. If she only wants to go for an hour then go for an hour, next time she might stay a little longer. For Gods sake be patient my better half can be down right scary oops I think NO I JUST GOT KICKED AGAIN! Gotta go.
  18. smitty1963

    smitty1963 New Member

    My wife loves to go fishing with me and I enjoy having her go with me, after being in the Navy for 22 years I promised myself that after I retired I would spend as much time with my better half and kids as I could.:smile2:
  19. firechief4201

    firechief4201 New Member

    Catlettsburg, Kentucky
    The wife loves to fish and she is a member of the BOC. She love to try to out fish me.