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Fishing with RatMan

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Got up kind of late this morning and decided to go to Low Falls for a little while. Took Joey along with us today too. Weren't quite sure what the weather was going to do, but it turned out to be rather nice. A little hot in the sun, but there was a breeze. We fished from about eight till one. The bite was slow. Caught mostly Mollys, a few bream, one shell cracker and one crappie. Think we maybe had fourty all together. Highlight of the day was when we ran up on an alligator. I was watching the grass bend over, and kind of wondered if maybe it was one, and thought no more about it. Then beagleman starts to paddle us up in there a little, I do not know why, but the alligator did not scare, it was right under the boat and BeagleMan did not notice him until he touched it with the paddle. Gator took off like a rocket, and BeagleMan was really caught off guard. I don not know if it was the gator that shook the boat or beagleman!!!!!!!!!!!

Lots of boats on the water today.

Some asshole ditched their fish at the landing. Two or so catfish it looked like and two bags of bait. Looked like it had been there a few days. Damn shame.

Almost forgot about the CrawDads. Caught a few today and cooked them up this evening. Plus a few things from the garden.

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