Fishing with Bigcat Daddy71

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    I had pleasure of fishing with Scott, Bigcat Daddy 71 Friday night aug. 11. I drove to an undisclosed location on state owned water. i say undisclosed because After enjoying a fine meal prepared by Mrs. Bigcat Daddy 71 on the trusty camp stove. I t was DARK when we headed out to his fishing spot for cats. The moon wasn't yet up and the shadows of the trees all looked alike . lmao . Scott is a genteman with a great family. Now for the fishing. We had went out an caught some bait ( nice redears and gills) before dinner. So after turning the boat around a couple of times we headed to spot. I caught a small channel soon after achorign his boat(Nice boat) but the action slowed. We then moved across the lake and set up in some deep water fihing toward the shallows, after enjoyig the shooting stars for a while we moved again. This time he started to hook up and I started to finally have some runs. But being the gracious host he informed about the rig that he was using. I applied this new knowledge and soon I had a hook up of my own. Altogether we caught 7 of the prettiest channels that I have ever seen . I had never seen channel cats with so many black spots. They almost looked like leopards. The biggest was his about 4# So I think he deserves some rep. for showing me a fien night of fishig and brotherhood. I have to spread some aroud before I can rep him again. Thanks So Much. catseeman

    Ps Iam not runk or tire my key board has slowed way down.