Fishing with (2) BOC brother's I'd never met

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    Wichita, Kansas
    Last weekend I was wanting to get out and enjoy a night on the river bank, so I invited two BOC brothers who I'd only talked to on-line.
    Thought what the heck I might even learn a new trick or two.
    So we met down on my land (I have a small farm on the Arkansas river by Arkansas city, Ks). Now I will leave there names out of it because that wouldn't be tactful, but I sure hope Arkrivercatman or Mr. Foster don't read this. lol (I always did suck at keeping secrets).:wink:
    It started off with the one I'll call Arcm showing up about 7:30 pm and we stood there and introduced ourselves , I informed him that the last flood had left so much sand on my place we'd have to walk from here, (we were about 200 yards from the bank). or you'd get your truck stuck in it, unless it was 4x wheel drive.
    But Arcm thought his truck would make it so I say he could go for it, ok 10' later he was stuck.:smile2: Hmm I hate always being right. So we packed everything we needed to get started and set off, Now, after about another 10' past his truck I'm wondering exactly how great this idea was, (loaded up with 3 big cat poles tackle box, folding chair, and cooler (you know, just the essentials) walking in 3' of loose sand, and having just came off of by-pass surgery not 6 months earlier), Well needless to say I did make it, but while Arcm was checking out the river I was looking for an environmentally friend pace to blow my breakfast.
    So after getting the poles out, I watched as Arcm set up his chair, it was your basic lazy boy recliner, except it was loaded with pockets everywhere and they where loaded to the max with the "just in case" type stuff. I remember thinking, now here's a guy that knows how to rough it.
    After about an hour it was time for MF to get there, so Arcm suggested that we meet him back at the trucks, that way he could get the rest of the stuff (that's right, the rest of his stuff :eek:oooh:) he couldn't bring down the first trip, (Now I'm thinking dam my heart just got back to some form of beating normally after the last trip :embarassed:). But what the heck, if you going to have a heart attack what better place then on my own land. So off we go. and without carrying all that gear I was able to make it at least 20' before thinking this was another great idea, not to mention at it was starting to get dark, man I just got my first pair of bifocal glasses, let me tell you what happens when you get bifocal glasses. You got NO depth perception, it quickly brought back memories of the days when me and Jack Daniels (another friend of mine) would spent the night on the river, But I made it to the tail gate of my truck where I continued to suck as much air in as humanly possible. Now MF shows up, I knew even from a 100 yards out and never having met him, I was going to like this guy! yep you guess it, he drove a 4 wheeler, and what was kewl about it, was the guy loved to hum so much he had a devise specially install in his truck that in order to start his truck he had to hum, now how kewls that? Well the trip back down to the river WAS GREAT.
    So I watched as MF set out his poles and Arcm unloaded the "rest of his stuff", Now it was about this time that both of them broke out bright green glow sticks and attacked them to the tip of there poles, so, yes I admit it, I cried and bitched until they got tired of it and gave me blue ones for the tips of my pole. Now I'm not sure why I was the only one with blue glow sticks, (if it means, hea look this is the idiot that didn't bring his own glow sticks or not) but I can say, they work great.
    Now I had MF on my right and Arcm on left, Now another thing I was worried about, was, having grown up hunting as much as I did with shotguns, I now can't hear out of my right ear, so I'm not sure if MF didn't talk or I just couldn't hear him. That plus the fact that on a beautiful August evening, Arcm's teeth where chattering so bad it was hard to carry a conversation on. (to this day I'm not exactly sure why Arcm didn't pull out that space heater he surely had in one of them chair pockets).
    But as the night went by and we had a 3 way tied in all categories (first fish caught, biggest and most) It will still be a night I won't soon forget, As I met 2 guy who I can only thank the BOC for bring us together and I look forward to doing it again many times. If your ever fishing around Wichita or Winfield I can only say, give these guys a call to go with you, they are fun to be around.

    Thank you BOC
  2. Mr. Foster

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    Hmmmmmmmm, that pretty much sums it up. It was a beautiful night on the river and you couldnt ask for a better back drop for scenery. I really appreciate Darrell for inviteing us down. It was great to meet Kyle and Darrell, finally, since they are they closest brothers around me. I look forward to doing it again also. I cant remember what the blue glow sticks represent? Maybe Kyle remembers? All I can say is its hard to beat a night like that, good friends, good weather, and good fishing even though we all tied on all catagories. Thanks guys looking forward to next time.


    SGTREDNECK New Member

    Sounds like fun guys. thats for sharing your adventure.
  4. bigkane

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    Ashland, K
    Now I just need some time off work so I can go with some of my fellow BOC'ers:confused2:
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    Concordia, KS
    Thanks for the great story Darrell. I haven't had the pleasure of fishing with Brent, but I have fished with Kyle and know he is great company. Sounds like you guys had a night to remember and a good time even though the fish didn't cooperate.
  6. dougc

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    Great story, and welcome to the BOC Darrell!
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    Troy, KS
    Great story. The BOC is great for finding fishing partners!
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    It was fun.
    If I remember right you said my truck was probably light enough to make it. I guess that was without me in it.:embarassed::smile2:
    It did get cold, and I was slightly unprepared.:sad2: I guess I should have drank some beer. Or brought a THERMOS!!:wink:
    A FIRE would have been nice. 55 degrees is chilly this time of year.:smile2:
    It was fun to finally get down there and get away from the city. It was about time I met you guys aswell.
    I dont remember hearing Brent talk much either. Either I have bad hearing too, or I should have an IPhone so I could send him a PM.:wink::smile2:
    The blue glowsticks do not mean anything special, they are just harder to see.:smile2:
    Thanks again for a fun night, we will have to do it again.
    Next time with food, a fire, and some fish.:roll_eyes::smile2:
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    Columbia, MO
    Thanks liner, in enjoyed the fishin story. Friends and fun...says it all. Take care of the ticker
  10. Tunnel Rat

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    the great thing about the B.O.C. is everyone after the same thing catfish, and new people to fish with . my first get together was ElDorado couldnt met better people so make friends and keep looking for the big cat.
  11. DoubleD

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    "he drove a 4 wheeler, and what was kewl about it, was the guy loved to hum so much he had a devise specially install in his truck that in order to start his truck he had to hum, now how kewls that?"