Fishing Wingdamns in the cold

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    I have been successful at catching big blues in the summer. I have always heard they are hunkered down in the deep holes when the water is this cold. Should I be fishing the deepest holes behind the wingdamns or the holes at the end of the wingdamns near the main channel? Just looking for someone with cold water blue cat experience. Also, I have read that they are more docile and rarely move from these deep water holes. Do they have a predictable feeding patern when the water temp is this cold? Just looking for some input. thanks Guys and Gals
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    Welcome to the boc Wing dams are good place for anykind of catfish a couple of the low dams have rip rap piled up at the edge of of the low forms eddies where the bait fish pile easy access the flatheads or channel can ambush prey also blues would hang around where the bait fish are whether it be bluegill shad or suckers Good place to try any time of year rick

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    I have yet to catch a winter blue cat from the depths of the scour holes. The only way I've been able to catch them is to find wing dams that are notched at the bank. If there's enough current flowing through the notch, your deeper holes will be right behind the notch along the bank. Setup in the middle of the wing dam, and put your baits along the sides of the sand bars dropping off into the holes. When the cats are actively feeding, they will patrol up onto the shallower water of the sand bar.

    Another place to find them is the current rip at the end of trail dikes. Most of them will have a small hump off the end of the dike jutting out into the main channel. The cats will hold just behind the hump right in the current seam.
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    Very good info DougC. Thanks