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    Will be getting up early in the morning and heading for La Grange,Mo to meet up with another Member to do some fishing. Rusty and his wife has been camping at WaConda state park since last Sun.We have been planning this for a month or more. Am looking forward to meeting him and his wife.He said his boy is suppose to be coming in sometime Sat Morning. So maybe I'll get to meet him also. I've had the honor of meeting some of the Mo members and one from Il. All are great people. Enjoyed my time spent with each. Anyone ever has the chance to meet a member or two and do some fishin or just visit jump on it. You'll be glad you did. GOD BLESS and Be SAFE !!
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    Good luck John:0a17: :006: :cross:

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    NW FL
    Lets us know the outcome, we will compare for I to have got a trip planned for in the morning. Takin' the boat this time though. Good luck to yall, and enjoy the journy.