1. countrycat15

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    hay guys,we went fishing friday but i havent had a chance to post it untill know so here it is
    we got to the lake at about 4:00 that afternoon and i set my rods out at about 4:15(i was using cut bluegill for bait) about 20 minuts later i got a run so i got to my rod and set the hook,i could tell this was a big fish cause he was stripin drag out like i hooked a train i got him about 10 feet from the bank,and bam he spit the bait out. this happend again,twice!!! and by that point i was pretty steamed.i looked at my watch and it said 9:00.we had now more hit or runs that nite so we packed up at about 10:00 and left.
    im thinking the reason i could not get a decent hook set was because i was using size 3/0 bait holder hooks(the onley ones i had that nite)next time im getting size 6/0 khales
  2. Gator

    Gator New Member

    Ludowici GA
    Iwould stick with the kales if it were me. Wish you better luch next time.

  3. gatorbait

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    South Carolina
    Kahles are good for lip set. Have you ever sharpened your hooks?
  4. catmancats

    catmancats New Member

    ya i would say you were loosing fish due to the 3/0 size that stinks too ive lost alot of big fish due to wrong hook size cause i was too lazy to stop and get new ones on the way to the lake.... Now i make sure i have what im gonna need...

    Better luck next time.......

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