Fishing trip with tackle box at home

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    A buddy of mine went with me to the slough, were we met up with Scott and Pete. When were unloading my truck to put it in the boat I noticed my tackle box is missing:eek:oooh: :eek:oooh: I looked for it and determined I left it home:angry: This means no bells, trebbles, almost everything. Anyway, loaded the boat up and went across the river from the pipe there at Mendota Slough. After throwing a fit a bullying up for an hour, I found a few swivels and took off a few trebbles of a few older lures I had found before at other fishing trips. What saved me was my "stink bait pack". I use my ugly stick tackle box I got free . Its perfect for 6-8 tubs of various stink baits and other dip bait stuff. Well I been finding different stuff when out fishing and I been throwing it in the stink bait box. When waiting for bites, I am always looking around and at docks and stuff. Had a lot of stuff I had found:wink: So I knew I was set to do some catfishing:big_smile: No bells hurt though:sad2: Threw my first line in the lil canal I fish around 9 pm Friday. First fish on was a 2# Pete caught on lver. He fished the river. If you have bells, you can fish the river and the canal too. Pretty dark out with over cast skies and a sliver of moon. Thank the Lord for my head light. Finally after missing 2 HUGE runs (my bait runner was getting a work out) I snatched my 9 ft. ugly stick up and pulled in a 3#. OK, I am happy now:smile2: Then the pump turned on and the fishing stopped. Caught a few stripes around 3 am then got some sleep. Overcast evening skies broke a light shower thats was very refreshing. Not wet, just right at 5 AM and the the ba$$ were up in the canal chomping on shad. Scott landed a nice 7 1/2 # black bass and Pete took a 6# on liver:confused2: I got a 5# channel on DK's. No hits on Sonny's or wicked sticky. All about the Dk's and liver again. Couldn't dial in on the cat's with the crappie and ba$$ action. It was just to darn hot! The best moment came when I took 2 bass off DK's:tounge_out: All bass were taken on liver or DKs and trebbles while reeling in ti rebait:smile2: Left at 11: Sat due to an engagement I had to make.
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    Sounds like you were saved, at least you had some gear brother. Free is always good!!

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    i too always keep a small box of odds and ends in the boat. It comes in handy once in a while. Usually it is my loaner box for my nephew. He gets a kick out of going thru it, to see what has been added.