Fishing timber on the River.... What works for you?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by Larry, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Larry

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    I've been reading on numerous posts that the the big flats like to hide in timber to ambush thier prey. To date I've had good luck fishing creekbeds and in the evenings and nights, (no luck during daytime hours). But looking for daytime flathead options. I have a couple of ideas but rather than reinvent the wheel it seems that many of you may have some ideas. Some thoughts to consider.
    1. how are you fishing in or around timber
    2. Snag factors
    3. Depth
    4. any other ideas your interested in sharing.
    my main goal is to see if I can get any flatheads during the day.
  2. JAYNC

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    Newport N.C.
    I used to fish upcurrent from log jams but my friends dad told me that it would be better to cast right behind it because thats where the flats sit. I am also going to try and sneak up there with the trolling motor and drop some live bait in behind them, he could be right. I will try it and let you know. There are always a lot of snags around them because its just a pile of logs and when you get a fish on thats the first place they try to run to. I would recommend to use a leader line made out of at least 50# mono, I myself use 80# gorilla braid as a leader and use nothing but polymer knots. Depth will vary but they say that the flats will be in the cover and near shorlines at night, and not in the holes that I have been fishing in. I just read something about 10 minutes ago that makes a lot of sense, I just never caught on till now. He said that you need to keep the bait off the bottom at least a foot to a foot and a half. He said if you fish directly on the bottom the bait will sink in the mud or get between logs or rocks making it impossible for the fish to get tha bait sometimes. I will start trying this because it makes more sense than anything I have read so far. Well I hope this helps, I learned a lot today, thanks BOC

  3. river scum

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    larry you should have no problems getting daytime flats. look back at me and hoosierpolcats pics on old site,and see how many day pics are there! we fish above, in,and behind jambs. deep holes are preferred but not necessary. as for snaggs,well lol. be prepared to lose stuff or your not in there far enough. also i mite add that we catch alot of day flats with just killed gills halved. also look a hole over with finder to find cover you cant see. alot of trash will colect in the middle and outside edge of deep holes. deep mite just be a few feet too. eddies are always worth a toss too larry.

    good luck bro