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    My boy and I caught this blue cat off of a bank pole this weekend. I know you R&R guys don't think much of this practice, but it is a great time to spend with my kids. We catch bluegill for bait most of the day, do a little rod and reel fishing the rest of the day, then bait poles right before dark and then check them first thing in the morning. My son Jon loves to help me catch the bait, likes to help set the lines, and is usually "in my way" with the net trying to get the fish in the boat!!!:smile2: He really does a good job though. Anyway, it took a little talking, but he decided to let this blue go back in the water. Can't say the flatheads we caught were so lucky!:wink: IMO the smile on his face says it all!!


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    It don’t get any better than seeing those big smiles, spending time with and making memories with your family Jim… Thanks for sharing your trip out on the water with us… I have great memories as a child of running lines with my grandfather as well as rod and reel… Different methods of catfishing are the same as different methods of deer hunting… it’s the harvest factor that so often gets abused but you are teaching them early to be stewards of fishing, that my friend is awesome... If others educate and practice selective harvest to their families, then the quality of our future fishery will be even better. :wink:

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    Thats awesome, I love to take my younger borthers out, they are getting a little older now, but they still have a blst when I take them out.

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    Hey that looks like a load of fun to me.:wink:

    I'm not gonna gig anyone about fishing methods. I got off that soapbox a while back as it just creates hate and discontent. I'll practice CPR and throw most of my fish back, but if I keep a few here and there it ain't no one else's business. Just like I'm not getting in anyone else's business over what they do. I'd like to see folks keep the harvest down to some extent of course, but if you ain't breaking the law, I'll shut my mouth.

    Congrats....and I want to try that out sometime.