Fishing the Ohio 10/20/07

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  1. river1214rat

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    West Point, KY
    Went to Yellowbank downstream in Meade Co Friday. Put in on Yellow Bank Creek, went towards the Ohio and when we reached the mouth, she was a beast, just daring us to to take our "little" boat out. The wind and current was sucking us out into the river, but we were able to get back into Yellow Bank Creek. Fished there no luck. Saturday night made up for Friday. Went downstream from West Point and fished on the iN side at about 30 feet. Caught 5 nice cats, 1 Blue, 1 Flathead, and 3 channels. No trophy size, but all within 1-4 lbs. Perfect for fileting and they are now in my fridge soaking in salt water, Yum. With the water level going down some, more stick-ups are visible, nasty ones that could tear a boat up. Be careful, especially at night.


  2. Steve Douglas

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    linda a few miles down river yellow bank creek is a place called clover port you can put in at clover creek ramp, exellent place to fish , the creek itself is great for all speices, cats, crappie , and alot more, its a big creek but out on the river is some of the best blue cat fishing lots of large cats . by the way i also fished west point area sat. i found some fish shallow 18 ft. west point is a great place to fish .good luck

  3. Ducati Monster

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    Louisville, Kentucky
    That's a good catch Linda. Atleast somebody's reelin' em in... cause it ain't me.

    I'm always looking for new places to put in the boat. How does one get to Yellow Bank, from let's say West Point? Is it past Brandenburg?
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    yup ive ben fishing for a lil bit and i havent had any luck...just a few bites... but ive been using frozen shad and i dont like frozen bait...too mushy on the im waiting for the mcAlpine locks to open so i can thrwo the castnet out there and get me about 30 or 40 shad to last me for a good 12 hour fishing trip on the ohio!!!