Fishing the Missouri river around Columbia area

Discussion in 'MISSOURI RIVERS TALK' started by TatorMan, Jul 15, 2007.

  1. TatorMan

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    Wanting to do some fishing on the Mo river around Columbia area, put in @ Easley area and could use some location and bait info.
    Most of my fishing has been largemouth bass on lakes, and smallie on Meramac , Big River.
    Almost got yanked off a wing dyke early one morning a few years back fishing the Mississippi with my no brother goodinlaw using a drum fillet. Never got to see the fish it swung upstream and never stopped. When I set the hook felt like a snag cuz it was solid and didn't budge @ first. Been wanting to do that again.
    But not losing it this time:roll_eyes:
  2. dewboy24us

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    hi tator and welcome to the BOC. without a boat i don't get much of a chance to play on the rivers (other than some bank time at chain of rocks). but i'm sure you'll get your chance to hook into another non stop freight train of a fish.

  3. cougar

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    Green Ridge, Missouri
    Welcome to the BOC taterman, we like to fish that area also, but we don't get enough time on it to offer any adivice. If your on the river Aug 4th or 5th we are planning our 2nd float down the mighty MO. We usually start at I-70 and we are shooting for Herman. Last year the river was so low and slow that we didn't make it all the way. This year we are going to plan 2 days and 2 nights if need be to make it there. We will be in a 24ft redneck pontoon. I just got a hummer cover from my daughter in the army. Planning on making it our rain and sun shelter. It is definately a one of a kind.