Fishing the down stream side, is it better?

Discussion in 'LOCAL OHIO TALK' started by flathunter, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. flathunter

    flathunter New Member

    When me and Roger fish the river, I usually set up on the down stream side of him.

    I have caught a few more fish than him, but It has nothing to do with skill.

    I honestly believe when fishing river current with cut bait, the person on the down stream side has a big advantage.

    Why? Because the current is taking the smell of your bait down stream, and any cat that smells it will come up stream and find my bait, usually first.

    Does this make sense?
  2. smokey869

    smokey869 New Member

    sounds right to me jack, i have noticed that also

  3. CBH

    CBH New Member

    I've noticed the same thing when fishing streams from the shore, but only if we cast the same distance. If I'm with someone, and I'm upstream of him, I let him cast first, then I'll position my baits accordingly...with either a shorter or longer casts.
  4. x smokin joe

    x smokin joe Well-Known Member

    That might be with cut bait. I almost always use live bait and have been fishing upstream of the people I fish with this year, and my numbers are higher than theirs. Could the same thing be happening with sound attracting them from upstream? I used cut bait for the first time last saturday, caught my first one on it and was the 3rd person in line upstream. Switched to live bait and got 2 more. The guys downstream had 1 run to my 3 fish, plus 1 that wrapped a log and broke the line, plus 1 missed hook up. was a good night for me. when the 4th guy showed up he threw next to my log too and got a 30+. That was 4 upstream to none downstream.
    I think it has more to do with where the structure is they use. I have a favorite log at 1 spot. Some nights I can pull many fish off this log and someone set up 10 ft downstream not get any.
    Like I said my experience is almost always live bait, but I am going to be checking out the cut bait more.
  5. stangcrazy85

    stangcrazy85 New Member

    hmmmmm good point my man but since i cant land any fish it never really matterd to me but i am usually upstream come to think of it
  6. Catmanblues

    Catmanblues New Member

    S.E Ohio
    Heck I'm usually up stream when I take my son an I catch all the fish so I say it's all because my boy just don't know how to fish J/K of course.
  7. Netmanjack

    Netmanjack New Member

    After reflecting on many fishing trips I would say that the majority of bites came from the down stream side. I believe this is more prevalent on smaller rivers and creeks. I have see times when weed beds or up stream submerged cover refute these findings. Big water like the Ohio river doesn't seem to have mattered one way or the other in my memory, only how far out. :006:
  8. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Great post Jack. I agree. The setup down stream will also be a plus if the water starts to fall.
  9. lendog

    lendog New Member

    berks, PA
    i used to think that the down river side was better and always tried to sneak my way down stream, until last weekend, i fish with my buddy(finster31) and the following week i was down stream and had a great nite gettin 3-4 in the teens and a nice 28.8#, so when we went out last week he took the down river side and within an hour caught a nice channel cat, i was upriver about 30 foot from him and didn't get any bites until about 10:30 pm then my pole bent and i got my new pb 35.10#(my avatar), then after an hour we moved up river to a different spot and i gave him the down river side and within 15 min. i get a 14.13#, my buddies couple flattys were all under 10#, needless to say he should of taken the up-river side that nite:wink:
  10. brandonbtbt

    brandonbtbt New Member

    Cambridge, OH
    i have a buddy that always pisses around with his poles or the fire or whatever until everyone gets their lines in and he sneaks downstream... he always outfishes us!