Fishing the Cimmaron

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    Are there any good holes in the Cimmaron around the Guthrie area or is the river to shallow? I live in Edmond and am looking for some river spots not too far from home. Any help or advice would be appreciated.
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    Guthrie, Oklaho
    There are definitely some holes in the Cimmaron. Problem is you have to have an air boat to get to them. Wouldn't recommend walking up/down river to the holes as those old cowboy stories about getting caught in quick sand is based upon the truth. You find a bend in the river, you'll find a hold. The greater the bend, the deeper the hole will be. I knew of a hole a few years ago that was fantastic to fish. The problem is the farmer has since posted his land so there went the fishing. Sure wish us sportsmen would have taken care of his land instead of trashing it up like they do just about everywhere they fish or hunt. I grant a cigarette butt is not much, but a few hundred butts make a mess. So do the beer cans and cartons, plastic ice bags, wal mart sacks... we, as a group, are very rude people.

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    Amen to that

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