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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by tugrivercater, Jul 5, 2006.

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    could this be a good fishing spot?..... i live on the ky/wv border and about 4 years ago the state pushed a section of the tug river farther over into ky for some reason or another. they bult a rock wall with bolders the size of small cars and when they left thet just took out the rocks in the center of the wall witch left about a 10 feet gap. now when you have a river that is 75 feet wide in this area channeld into a 10 or 15 foot hole its going to be moveing fast. the current on the down river side is very strong but to my understanding it had made a nice hole too. on the up river side the water is slow moveing and about 3 to 4 feet deep. ive only went fishing there once and had a large creek chub in the down river side ab out 45 feet below the rock wall. got one bite in 2 hrs but that bite broke 50lb test spiderwier after about a 20 sec run. could it have been a flat head or a big channel? does this sound like a spot for flatties? im new a this and have only caught a few small channels nothing over 3 or 4 lbs.. thanks for any help.
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    I will answer this question agian with this statment See my answers on the other two postg you started with this same question.

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    Sounds like a good place, but you gotta keep that line off the rocks or you will keep getting breaks on that Spiderwire.
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    I responded to one.

    One thing you will find brother is that we will find it. There is no need to post it more then once. Just trying to help ya out. They had to do the same to me when I started. Make yourself at home and good luck with this spot. Sounds like it could produce nicely for ya. Welcome to the BOC.
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    Welcome aboard Tug. Don't know but it sounds like a good spot. Don't be disapointed though if thier not hitting hot and heavy.Thier not hitting anywhere very hard. Just hang in there and keep trying.
    Again WELCOME!!
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    Your on the spot! Use bigger bait!