Fishing spot close to eudora

Discussion in 'LOCAL KANSAS TALK' started by brian sax, Apr 5, 2006.

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    i know i have asked this before but i am going to my grandpas saterday night and my mom said i could go spend a night fishing. im looking for a spot that is pretty close to his house, he lives right off 10 on church street by the middle school. I think the wakarusa is fairly close but i have no idea how to get to it and any place to fish it. Is there any small lakes around there? I dont really know that area but with a few directions i could get there.
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    Brian, head straight north out of town on the main drag, first water you see is the Wakarusa. You can fish in the ramp area or cross the road and head east to find some other area's. I doubt I go out Saturday night, all day at a tournament, but would like to get out on Sunday. Shoot me a PM if you'd like to try up by Bowersock on Sunday morning.

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