Fishing Small rivers in fall?

Discussion in 'Flathead Catfish' started by miichael, Oct 16, 2006.

  1. miichael

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    North Carolina
    Is it a good idea to fish small rivers in fall for Flatheads when cold weather is moving in? Water is cooling down fast and the little river i fish at its deepest hole is about 12 ft deep average is 3-4ft. do the fish stay there even during winter or do the head down into the lake where the water is deeper? Planned to give it a shot this weekend in the small river but not sure if i should head to deeper water since the temperature is dropping. The lake temp is about 68 degrees river not sure prob 55-60.
  2. smoke

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    well that is a very good question..the river myself and shortbus fish is about the same way so i am interested in seeing some of the advice...we have been catching fish even as it gets cold but they are few and not a lot of size...

  3. JAinSC

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    South Carolina
    I fish a small to medium sized river in South Carolina, just south of you, obviously. I am absolutely convinced that the fish move into deeper holes in the fall when the water cools down.

    As an example, last year I fished in early November when the water was right around 65. I hit a few of my usual spots, with depths of around 10 feet, and got nothing. Eventually, it sunk in that the fish were not in their usual warm-weather haunts, so I moved down river a few miles and fished 2 holes that both go to between 25 and 30 feet deep. Once I started fishing the deeper water, I got 9 flatheads (including a 40 pounder) in about 2 hours.

    So, I guess my advice would be to try the regular holes, but be prepared to move down to deeper water. Or if that's not workable, then maybe just start out downriver a bit if there's some deeper water in that area.
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    I have always found that once the weather starts cooling down around the Neosho the gar will stop moving so for me that would be one of the best time to set lines and do some hard core rod & reel fishing before it gets blistering cold. If it is not too cold I would tell you to try it at night a couple times closer to the lake. HOPE THIS HELPS.
  5. ar_confederate

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    Minden, Lo
    I fish a small river here in Louisiana. We went fishing Friday night and only caught 3 flatheads. I think we had a lot more action though as all the bait was gone. The water temp was 75F. Last year we caught up until December and then they moved out until springtime.