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Went out on sunday to my favorite little lake, it was tuff fishing. fished deep, drifted,
finaly, went real shallow, I ended up with a limit of channels 3/8 lbs, caught them in 1 to 2
foot of water, you could see them break the surface when you set the hook, Its hard to figure what a 8 lb channel is doing up in 24/12" of water, but thats where they were. My
favorite little lake was up ,lots of rain down there, where I was fishing was effected by the inflow from the creek that feeds the lake, man they have been eating, everyone was fat as a pig. I posted the pictures in my 2010 fish pictures on my avitar

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I fish shallow most of the time. Feeding fish will be where the bait fish are and most of the time that will be the the shallows. Flats that run 2 to 8 feet will hold lots of feeding fish and they are easy to catch.
I have saw 40lb blue do a tail walk when they hook up in the shallow waters. and have pulled a few 60+ out of 2 to 4 feet of water so don't think its just smaller fish that are there the big boys run them as well when they are feeding.
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