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    pleasant h
    with the season is almost over for some of us but then there are those of us who will keep on fishin, i will have to say the 2009 season has been good for me i have gotten to fish with some great people and have mad some great new freinds also ,and then there is the knowledge that i have received from these guys a fella can ask for anything better these guys know who they are and i want to just say thank you for the experience of fishin with ya and the fishin tips you have given me and i hope we will have many more fishin trips in the future. and also to the guys and gals here on the BOC that have shared their knowledge and tips also with all of us a BIG thanks to all of ya:wink:
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    Don't know if I added any to your knowledge of fishing,I believe it's the other way around for me. You're one heck of a guy and I'm so glad you're my BOC Brother.:big_smile: