Fishing santee next week

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  1. jayjay

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    hay guy how the fishing after all the rain. hope it make them big cats at harry next week dont know much about the lakes. . maby some one could give a tip or two . any one staying at harry look me up. fishing from a basstracker pontoon boat. thank in advance. wish all the best of luck.
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    there are a couple of guys all meeting down there at are around Harry's try doing a search and see if you can get in touch with them. If you can't the only advice I give you is becarful stumps and gators are a bad combo. The waterways are marked pretty good. If it was me fishing I would try drifting the deeper water in the afternoon after hog hunting in the morning, By starting at the coves like Coca-Cola slough and Unnamed.

  3. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    Jay, it's getting hot, time to fish early and late, then take it easy during the middle of the day, 'course with a 'toon, the top helps. I've heard that people are catching fish near the deeper channels since the rain, with the bite picking up in 4-10', too, mostly in low-light conditions. Haven't had a chance to find out for myself though.
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    jay thear are few brothers having dinner & bs session at harrys on monday 5pm how about joining us
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    I fished the canal on Sunday. Man I tell you they need stoplights out there. People have no respect for other boaters. Jet skis, tubers you name it. That was my first trip. I caught some fish, but man was it tuff. I think next time around I will try night fishing to get away from all the maniacs!
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    I caught as many as I normally do when I actually fish. LMAO

  7. dcaruthers

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    Take off from Pack's Landing and follow the train trussle to the river channel. Head up river to the end (about a mile) and use 3 oz weights to fish cutbait in the 50' hard current. The 3 oz may not carry you to the bottom, but it will get you donw far enough. Hang on if you get one...the stripes are also very aggressive in the current. Afternoons will be very productive around the dead trees in the middle. The water is around 30-0 ft. I tie off to the trees and bounce around them.

    If Pack's has them, try the salt water herring. They bleed like stuck pigs.