Fishing rigs for below the dams?

Discussion in 'OHIO RIVERS TALK' started by CBH, Aug 11, 2007.

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    Hey Guys, I need some tips on how to keep from getting snagged up so often when fishing below the dams here on the Ohio and Muskingum rivers. I'm getting a bit tired of getting snagged so often and losing so much tackle to the rocks. Any suggestions of how to rig up would be greatly apprectiated.
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    s-man would be a good one to chime in here. i fish some dams on the muskingum though. i think the biggest thing is when fishing them is simply bait placement. there are areas you can fish,, and some areas that are screaming for your tackle. lol i like using a mod. 3-way, but seems to turn and twist bad in the current. sometimes below dams i use a straight rig, pyramid or flat no roll sinker , bead, hook. allowing the sinker to stay close to the hook. when using a barrel rig etc. try using a sinker that doesn't roll much, or may have to upsize with larger weight to help. cast towards backwash areas and places where breaks will help keep your line there. goodluck..rollo

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    Never be afraid of the bobber or the breakaway sinker. How do you fish brushpiles for crappie? Same deal for cats only everything is bigger. If you suspend bait over the snags they can't snag. If you want that specific spot anchor your bait with a big sinker and lighter "breakaway" line for the sinker.

    The breakaway setup is a bead and BIG bobber, a swivel with heavy leader and hook, and a swivel with light line and heavy sinker. Add bobber stop after rigging. In fast current in say 12 feet of water set your bobber stop 14- 15 feet above the sinker. This allows for current bow and lets bait move. the sinker allows a straight line between rod and bottom for bait to move up and down. You can use a split to control how far up the bait can come. Personally I prefer cut bait in these conditions.

    Question? If you are in fast current with bait hanging off the hook, how can a fish tell whether it is live or cut? Do they care?

    Good Luck.