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Discussion in 'LOCAL MISSOURI TALK' started by Michael Jake, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. Michael Jake

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    Troy, Missouri
    Went out this morning to check out the walleye below Clarksville. A buddy saw a lot of boats this last weekend. He said on Sunday it looked like you could walk across em. Bait shop said it’s was a very good bite… Last year was poor and the year before that was good. I checked the water level on Sunday it was around 15 ½ feet… Got word from folks it was rising but didn’t check till I got back in today… it start rising mid day Monday and spiked to over 22 feet today… Lots of debris which made it difficult to keep the line vertical let alone in touch with the bottom. The gates were all high just touching the surface and didn’t have the normal back flow below. This area of backflow has a rip rap drop off normally from the teens to just over 30 feet at the base, today there was a hugh eddie and several smaller ones trailing it. Well, make a long story short, no walleye biting in these conditions… darn blue cats (2 around 9 to 10 pounders) and a drum decided to interrupt my no bite walleye day. They were all taken in the same area on the backside of that big eddie. Shad were up toward the surface, lots of seagulls around picking them out of the water all around me. The blues lipped the shiner getting stung just in the skin of the lips with the tiny # 12 treble. Lots of fun on 6 pound fireline and med-lite pole. Saw lots of eagles… I also noted the water temp jumped 3 degrees, so with that and the high water the darn blue cat decided to feed and interrupted my fishing. :crazy:
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    Well Mike, allow me to tell you how proud of you I am. Those pesky blues ruined your no bite and you aint even mad. Good man.


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    Damn the luck!!! All you caught were a couple of pesky little blue cats. :angry::angry:

    Darn fish!!:angry::angry:
  4. prostreetS10

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    I wish i couldn't get them pesky little blues to stop biting. LOL sounds like a good problem to have to me.:big_smile:
  5. Grumper

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    Crystal City MO
    Stinkin' Rats!!:smile2::smile2: Sounds about like my luck. I go catfishing and don't catch a thing, I go crappie fishing and catch catfish! I think I'm gonna take up crappie fishing!! LMAO!!:big_smile:
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    Good report Mike. I have a few friends that come down every year for 2 weeks and we walleye fish. We do quit a bit of trolling and use crank baits, shad raps/minnow raps.
    It never fails we pick up a few bluecats. They usally are of fair size 5-10 lbs.
    and some times larger. I hooked and landed (took me a while) a 65 # spoonbill a couple years ago on a shad rap and 8# test. My buddy said you gotta snag, looked back and my line was going side ways and starting to pass us up LOL. :crazy: Lots of fun on light spinning tackle.