Fishing Report Week Ending 6-30-07

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    Early morning bite went away this week. Best bite was from 9 AM to 1 PM. The big ones are still missing in action. I have struggle all week to get 10 fish in a four hour outing. But, the white perch on a six hook rig tends to reduce the boredum of waiting for the catfish bite. You should see the excitement on peoples faces, those that have never fished before, when five or six white perch hookup and they bring them in. The perch that they are catching are perfect for bait and tend to keep a little bit better than the larger ones. Still, it is hard to keep them alive in a tank when the temp. reaches the low nineties. As soon as I find them floating, into the vacuum sealed bag they go and into the freezer. You'll watch out for those crazy boaters out thar, you hear! Mac